You are on this page because you’re thinking of purchasing this wonderful Acapela Voice as a Service – thank you for your interest!

If you already have a free evaluation account please read the following sections. If you don’t you can of course read the following sections and if you still have questions contact us through the contact form or ask for a free evaluation account.

How to purchase?


Once you have logged in start the purchasing process by clicking on the “Contact me” button. The accompanying form is pre-filled with the information you have provided for your free evaluation account. If you wish to change this information please edit the form before clicking on the “Contact me” button.

Once we receive your request we will contact you to arrange a formal financial proposal and agreement. On signing and returning the agreement to you we will provide you with a full capacity VaaS account in accordance with the agreement.

How much does it cost?

VaaS pricing is based on the time of connection to the service during which we deliver sound to you, either by converting your text file into a sound file that your users listen to, or by playing an already existing file that your users are accessing. This time based consumption is counted in VaaS Units (VU). A VaaS Unit corresponds to 20 seconds of listening to a sound file.

Example: you are creating a viral marketing campaign where users generate an e-card with their own text to be sent to their friends. In general, users type short messages of 75 characters. The average duration of a 75 characters message when it is transformed into a text-to-speech message is approximately 5 seconds. Converted into VUs this means that 4 messages correspond to one VU, or to put it another way, if you purchase 1 VU your users will be able to generate or access 4 messages of 75 characters.

After having run VaaS ourselves for more than one year with more than 100 000 million connections, we have defined two sorts of purchase plan. If these plans are not matching your needs, please feel free to contact us, we know also that innovative applications might need other business models and pricing schemes.

A) Peak Plan


The Peak Plan is based on prepayment for a specified quantity of VUs that can be used during any given time. Here are the first two prices for a peak plan.


Number of Vus


10 000

1 500 €

25 000

3 000 €

50 000

5 000 €

100 000

9 000 €


We can offer Peak Plans up to several million VUs.

B) Yearly Plan


The Yearly Plan is based on a more regular use of a given number of VUs per month and includes a commitment to use Vaas for one year. Here are the first 4 levels of the plan.


Number of Vus 





Yearly Fee


3 000

36 000

1 800 €


15 000

180 000

5 400 €

1 000

30 000

360 000

7 200 €

5 000

150 000

1 800 000

27 000 €


We can offer Yearly Plans up to several million VUs.

Of course we are aware that we are introducing something new onto the market and that it is not easy for you to estimate your audience if you plan to release something new too! In fact, we are also able to offer you an “Audience Scanning Time Period” of 1 to 3 months in order for you to understand which kind of plan would best meet your needs. There will be a fixed price for this period related to the information you provide us with to estimate the potential volume of VUs used.